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Take some ‘down time’ for you and your baby in our high-quality pregnancy yoga classes in Bristol

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Why Yoga During Pregnancy?

Your first pregnancy is a time like no other during your life. Equal parts joy and apprehension, delight and overwhelm, for many mums-to-be, it’s a time seek out other expectant mothers and find an new exercise routine that helps to meet the needs of your changing body.

As well as ensuring that your body remains free of many of the common pregnancy ailments, such as lower back and pelvic pain, our pregnancy yoga classes will equip you with a range of tools to help you stay calm both during your pregnancy and labour.

Our warm and knowledgeable teachers will share a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques that will quickly help to restore your mind and nervous system to state of balance and ease. These are easy-to-learn, practical and evidence-based methods underpinned by a growing body of knowledge on the mind-body connection.

And, best of all, every class concludes with a lush, 10 minute guided relaxation; an opportunity to dissolve the accumulated stressed of your day and week and ready yourself up for a restful evening and peaceful night’s sleep.

We really hope to be able to welcome you to Bristol’s favourite pregnancy yoga classes soon!

In addition to pregnancy yoga, we also run Mum and Baby yoga classes at the Skyboat Cafe in Redland and monthly HypnoBirthing courses at the Alma Vale Centre in Clifton. 

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