Pregnancy Yoga

Our pregnancy yoga class combines stretching, breathing, and relaxation techniques to offer relief from the common discomforts of pregnancy and to prepare the body for birth.

Deepen your awareness of your changing body and mind as you prepare for the life-changing events of birth and parenting in a nurturing and supportive environment. Both experienced practitioners and newcomers to yoga are welcome.

What can pregnancy yoga help with?

It’s not unusual to experience a range of physical and emotional changes as your body and mind adapt and prepare for the arrival of your little one. Through a combination of specific yoga poses, focused breathing and long, guided relaxation, pregnancy yoga can help:

  • improve the quality of your sleep
  • reduce worry and stress
  • improve energy levels
  • minimise back and pelvic pain

When can I start?

Pregnancy Yoga students are welcome to attend this class after their 12th week of pregnancy and should ensure that they have informed their doctor/midwife before commencing yoga practice.  Click here for our Timetable or Price and Booking information.

What else can help me prepare for birth?

As well as offering pregnancy yoga, the team at Purely Pregnant have supported hundreds of mums (and dads!)-to-be to have their best possible birth through the HypnoBirthing birth education programme. To find out more about how HypnoBirthing is the perfect complement to yoga in helping prepare you for a safe and gentle birth, please visit our dedicated website